Easy Way to Convert More Visitors to Customers


In today’s competitive markets, converting a visitor to a lead is very hard. Converting a visitor to a customer is even harder.

People are no longer impressed by sales letters and promises. “Money back guarantee” seals and screenshots of commissions generated via Clickbank no longer provide the same kind of sense of security at the moment of purchase decision.

In order to effectively manage your traffic and convert as much visitors to customers as possible you’ll have to move the FREE Line.

The FREE Line

People love getting stuff for FREE. Your soon-to-be customers judge your credibility and the value of your products by the kind of information you supply for FREE.

If you share crappy, low value stuff for FREE – people will automatically assume that your product is crap as well. And since there is plenty of crap you can get for free, people just won’t pay to get it from you miraclepianist converter.

In order to come forth as a savior who will make all their problems go away, you’ll have to solve some problems for FREE first. After you have earned the status of the messiah, only then you will be in the position to offer a product or a service.

This is the reason why you see so many FREE offers lately. Free newsletters, reports, videos and eBooks. People love getting stuff for free and most will never turn down such an exciting opportunity.

What Works Best

Not everything which is free costs the same. Some products, when given away free of charge have low perceived value while others are treasured.

Understanding the difference between the perceived value of a free gift is utterly crucial. People perceive one product to be more valuable than the other. Believe it or not, but people are actually becoming very picky about what they want to get for FREE.

According to the Launchtree studies, video is perceived to be the most valuable free product of them all. People love videos. We can see that by the mighty growth of YouTube and other video networks.

Second best is PDF. For some reason people believe that if it’s a PDF file – it has to be something worth checking out. Usually, that’s seems to be the case. People who create PDFs usually invest at least some value into them, otherwise, why bother converting the file type from DOC?

Audio seems to be the bronze medalist for most, but for me – audio is the best. You don’t need to read the audio, you don’t have to wait for it to load if you have a lousy connection and you can take it along anywhere as long as it’s an MP3.

The Power of FREE

PDF, MP3 or MPEG – if it’s FREE, chances are people will want to get it, as long as your copywriting is intact. When you are giving away free gift, don’t forget to include some serious value and you’ll guarantee yourself a trustworthy expert status along with some serious revenue.

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