Learning How To Increase Vertical Jump Effectively


If you are an avid follower of your local basketball team then for sure you are constantly left astounded at just how high the pros jump. The good news is that you too can learn to increase vertical jump, the key issue here being the set of muscles that are used when you jump up high.

By studying the professionals while you watch the game on the big screen it will become a whole lot simpler to understand just how they propel themselves so high up into the air, crouching down first and using their muscles to lift their weight off the floor. increase vertical jump at home  When you crouch down, you need to use the strength on your lower legs in order to successfully propel yourself upward and into the air.

Being able to dunk at basketball like a pro therefore needs practice as well as the strengthening of the correct muscles and when you need to increase vertical jump the first exercise you need to practice is that of elevated jumps. These really could not be any simpler; all you need to start practicing how to jump like a pro is a bench or even an elevated but sturdy platform.

This exercise is so versatile; you can do it anywhere you want, whether you are at home, at the gym or even on the move. Simply stand on the bench and jump backwards, making sure that on landing you bounce and propel yourself back up to the bench. This exercise really is that simple; but make sure you practice it with caution the first few times and make sure that you bounce on landing, otherwise you will just hit the floor with a thud.

Once you have mastered these elevated jumps, the next step to increase vertical jump has to be some toe raises. This exercise is even more versatile than elevated jumps; you need no equipment at all here to be successful and you really can do it anywhere, even in the queue for the ATM machine. Your toes are so important when you want to propel yourself off the ground and all you need to do to get started is to simply practice raising your toes when you are stood still; it really couldn’t be any simpler!

What you will notice as soon as you start this simple and fantastic exercise is just how you feel your muscles are working from your toes right up to your legs. Toes are not just put on the feet for show; they are a vital part of balance and of course vertical jumping, helping propel yourself far off the ground and into the air.

Toe raises are surely one of the most versatile and easy exercise that you can practice when you are learning how to jump higher and you will know when you are doing them right as you will feel the strain in the muscles that you have been using. Once you get the hang of this exercise then you might like to move on to advanced toe raises; for these you will need a little equipment and some time at home or in the gym.

Advanced toe raises work on the same muscles as your normal toes raises, but to make sure that you get your muscles working to the very best level, you need to add some weights on to your toes. An excellent alternative to advanced toe raises that will also increase vertical jump is to stand on the edge of a step, and lift the whole weight of your body up using your new found strength in your toes. If you put into practice these simple but highly effective exercises then with in no time you will improve your vertical jump and you will find that you start dunking like a real pro!

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