The Quest For Auto Morphing or Twisting A Single Article Into Hundreds of Different Articles


Adsense Publishers and those who are into making of content websites for the display of advertisements all recognize the importance of unique content and specially written articles containing high paying keywords which are then put up as webpages.

That is why it is not a surprise to see a plethora of new software purporting to help morph or twist articles, or private label right articles that you can purchase from any source and then subject it to the manipulative actions of the software to generate hundreds of different articles article rewriter.

But then how good are their “morphing” or “twisting” abilities?

What are some good criteria to keep in mind if you are seeking to use some software to do some morphing or twisting of your articles?

The first thing to know is that any software you use must be seen as a tool to help you write your articles or to re-write your articles in different ways. These tools must never be treated as software that will take over the task of intelligent re-writing on automatic. These tools are considered as time-savers, and helpers to assist to give you synonyms, paraphasing, similar words and so on to help you form new ways of re-expressing yourself and therefore re-writing an article.

Any other way to look at it will result in you having a disappointed view because the result of so called auto-rewriting will fail to impress in most cases.

There are some software that allow you to manipulate whole sections of whatever article that you have written before. This is by way of a series of guided steps involving highlighting different parts of the article and adding in synonyms, then highlighting whole blocks of phrases to change the phrases and so on. As a result, the end article is a more intelligble article. However, there is the writer’s involvement. Manual work is required to use the software with its tools to re-write the article.

Some software are in their basic form – allowing you to add on prewritten snippets at the introduction of the article, at the center of the article and at the end of the article before your resource box.

The use of such softwares at the basic level seldom impresses, because the addition of these snippets are merely to add padding to the article, which are not genuine meaningful content. They add on to the wordiness of the article, increasing their word count and do nothing much more.

There is no short cut to writing your own well crafted articles, and to learn the art of article writing. Use all these new tools as what they are best suited for- as tools to help you re-write parts of your articles, and not as auto generating tools for the entire article. Consider them as time savers and not the ultimate software to generate content for you mindlessly.

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