Ford Mondeo LX TDCi 130 PS Hatchback 2003 Pre-Facelift Model – Used Car Review



Replacing the Sierra at 1993 with a $6bn new car programme (probably one of the most costly ever), the Ford Mondeo has come to be one of the most common mid size vehicles within the UK market.

The existing MkIII (mark 3) version Ford Mondeo was introduced in 2000 after the MkII (mark two) mondeo was discontinued 36 months after its inception in 1997. The next generation Ford Monde premiered in 2000, and addressed both major criticisms of its predecessor: the little leg-room and sluggish diesel engine. The leg room is noticeably bigger and also the pull of the straight-four-cylinder, turbo-intercooled, 16-valve direct-injection TDCi engine really is a marked improvement. The chain-driven camshafts also rectified a common problem in the prior models.Latest Car Reviews

The security of this Ford Mondo MkIII can be an improvement on its predecessors, including the Intelligent Protection System (IPS), anti-lock brakes and electronic brake distribution. No wonder it frequently featured as the most popular car in its own class at the conclusion of the recent decade and ranked as high as 8th top selling car in the UK.

Common flaws


The review

We purchased the Mondeo LX 130 TDCi as a 31/2 year-old diesel vehicle with 85,000 miles on the clock along with full Ford service history.

To look at the MkIII (indicate 3) Ford Mondeo is still a modern looking car, and with 85,000 miles on the clock, this Mondeo neither looks nor feels tired. The light metallic blue paint gives it a glowing, joyful look, and even though wheel stinks do not possess exactly the exact same effect of these metal wheels (metals) of this zetec or even ghia models, that LX continues to be a great looking car.

With the dashboard and center console following the lead set by this 1996 Volkswagen (VW) Passat, and a wonderful black charcoal upholstery, so I was looking forward to getting behind the wheel to the road-test.

On the road I was not disappointed, and the additional 1-5 PS made the 130 PS TDCi faster than a lot of its petrol rivals I came across that strove to add an extra minute or two onto my journey period. The handling was nice, brakes sharp, and also the greater torque was simply enough to preserve the ride ‘pokey’ without the slip-and-slide of a milder competitor. And it even has lower emissions than its 11-5 zetec counterpart…

In conclusion, a fantastic pedigree, fantastic handling, solid construction, generous equipment, roomy interiors and very low priced servicing. And when you can buy 200 to 300,000 miles from some well serviced TDCi Ford Mondeo LX 130 for only #5495 on the road, you will not be disappointed with your investment decision.

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