Aim for the Paintball Helmet for Maximum Splatter


Starting out, those new to the game of paintball tend to fire round after round toward practically anything that resembles an opponent. This is a waste of ammunition and an annoyance to advanced players. Learning the proper hard targets is paramount to an enjoyable experience.

Shooting people in the head is one of the most enjoyable aspects of paintball. Oftentimes the player won’t know what hit them. Paintball helmets are also hard targets, which allow for the ultimate splatter factor during a head shot. Shooting an opponent in the head, however, is not always advisable.

Bad things can happen with misguided head shots. Opponents might end up accidentally ingesting the round. There is also the distinct possibility of inflicting a neck wound. This is why it is best not to aim toward the head when the opponent is extremely near splatter screen.

Aim for a solid target so the paint filled balls will rupture on contact. This ensures there will be no mistaking the color of an exploded round. Accessories to aim toward include such items as paintball hoppers and guns, paintball helmets, pads and harnesses.

Aiming for the joints such as ankles, knees and elbows increases the potential for splatter. Another tip is to find the opponent’s shooting direction and fire toward the rear opposite, as the feet may be exposed. While it may seem difficult to aim at such tiny areas, accuracy comes with practice and practice will lead to rapidly identifying these targets. Also, opponents sometimes forget to hide these body parts.

Long range shots are like a Hail Mary pass in football. The chance of hitting the target downrange is slim to none, and if the target is hit, the round will not rupture. As the round moves through the air, its speed decreases. This is why it is best to close in on the opponent, so that maximum splatter is achieved. It takes courage to decrease the distance from the opponent, but the reward is an increased hit count.

Learning these tips and tricks will also make a player mindful of their level of exposure as well, leading to safer outings. On the topic of safety, keeping goggles and glasses in proper order is paramount to eye safety. Before playing, contestants always check for damage to lenses and frames, and replace when necessary. It is also good practice to be mindful of any damage to the neck guard as injuries sustained to the neck can be serious and lead to a trip to the emergency room.

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